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According to Hong Kong regulators, the Hong Kong Investor Identification Regime and the Over-the-Counter Securities Transaction Reporting Regime are expected to be launched
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Major Roles in Recent Deals
Major Roles in Recent Deals

First Shanghai has a large number of institutional clients as placement basis. Within the First Shanghai sponsored listed companies, there are many institutional investors held more than 5% of public float. First Shanghai involved into the following listings of the large-scale enterprises as an underwriter:


Jan-16 China Rongzhong Global Offering HKD 248 Million Joint Global Coordinator, Bookrunner and Lead Manager
Jan-16 Ronshine China Global Offering HKD 2.068 Billion Co-Lead Manager
Dec-15 China Hengshi Global Offering HKD 650 Million Co-Lead Manager
Jul-15 A8 New Media Placing HKD 68.4 Million Placing Agent
Apr-15 China Seven Stars Placing HKD 140 Million Placing Agent & Financial Adviser
Apr-15 Kong Sun Placing HKD 1.4 Billion Placing Agent
Apr-15 A8 New Media Placing HKD 209 Million Placing Agent
Jan-15 Harmony Auto Placing HKD 550 Million Placing Agent
Dec-14 Allied Cement Public Offering HKD 495 Million Financial Adviser & Bookrunner
Sep-14 China Smartpay  Global Offering HKD 370 Million  Joint Lead Manager 
Sep-14 China Smartpay  Placing HKD 108 Million  Placing Agent 
Aug-14 China VAST Global Offering HKD 1 Billion  Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager 
Jul-14 Century Sage Global Offering HKD 350 Million  Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager
Jun-14 Coslight Technology Placing HKD 162 Million  Placing Agent
Jun-14 Jia Yao Global Offering HKD 95 Million  Global Offering& Joint Lead Manager
Jun-14 Colour Life Global Offering HKD 950 Million  Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager
Mar-14 China Smartpay  Placing HKD 210 Million  Placing Agent
Jan-14 Honworld  Global Offering HKD 900 Million  Co-Lead Manager
Jan-14 Miko International Global Offering HKD 300 Million  Co-Manager
Dec-13 Fuguiniao  Global Offering HKD 1.2 Billion  Co-lead Manager
Dec-13 TK Group Global Offering HKD 250 Million  Co-lead Manager
Dec-13 Fu Shou Yuan Global Offering  HKD 1.75 Billion Co-Manager
Nov-13 Meidong Auto Global Offering  HKD 470 Million Co-lead Manager
Oct-13 China Success Finance Global Offering HKD 300 Million  Joint sponsor, Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager
Oct-13 Oriental City Group  Placing  HKD 124 Million  Placing Agent 
Sep-13 HC International  Placing  HKD 540 Million  Placing Agent 
Jul-13 Wisdom Holdings  Global Offering  HKD 886 Million  Co-lead Manager
Jul-13 Jin Cai Holdings Global Offering  HKD 66 Million  Sole Sponsor&Sole Bookrunner 
Jun-13 Wuzhou International Global Offering  HKD 1.6 Billion  Joint Bookrunner
May-13 Winteam Group  Placing  HKD 0.7 Billion  Placing Agent & Joint Bookrunner 
Dec-12 Future Land Development Holdings Global Offering  HKD 2.056 Billion  Co-lead Manager
Nov-12 CIFI Holdings Global Offering  HKD 2 Billion  Joint Bookrunner & Joint-Lead Manager 
Jul-12 Silverman  Global Offering  HKD 180 Million  Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager
Apr-12 Branding China  Placing HKD99 Million Joint Bookrunner & Joint Lead Manager
Apr-12 China Zhongsheng Resources  Placing HKD160 Million  Co-lead Manager
Apr-12 Jiangnan Group   Global Offering HKD550 Million Co-lead Manager
Apr-12 Synertone Communication  Global Offering HKD99 Million  Joint Bookrunner & Joint-Lead Manager 
Mar-12 Trigiant Group Global Offering HKD300 Million Joint Global CoordinatorJoint Bookrunner&Joint-lead Manager
Mar-12 Sunshine Oilsands   Global Offering HKD4.49 Billion  Co-manager
Dec-11 SPT Energy  Global Offering HKD420 Million  Co-lead Manager and Underwriter 
Dec-11 China Tianrui Group Cement   Global Offering HKD970Million  Co-lead Manager 
November 2011   China Vehicle Components  Global Offering HKD112 Million  Underwriter
Jan-11 China New Economy Fund  Placing  HKD312 Million  Placing Agent 
December 2010   PAX Global Technology  Global Offering HKD919 Million  Joint  Lead Manager 
November 2010   IRICO  Placing  HKD122 Million  Sole Placing Agent 
Oct-10 NEP Interlong  Placing  HKD169 Million  Sole Placing Agent 
Aug-10 Infinity Chem  Public Offering  HKD 75 Million  Bookrunner and Lead Manager
Apr-10 Hua Han  Placing HKD 480 Million  Sole Placing Agent 
Mar-10 Chigo Holding  Placing  HKD 227 Million  Sole Placing Agent 
December 200 Carpenter Tan Public Offering   HKD  161 Million  Jointed Sponsor and Lead Manager
Dec-09 Mobi Dev Public Offering   HKD  593 Million  Jointed Sponsor , Jointed Bookrunner  and  Co-Lead Manager
Jul-09 Chigo Holding  Global Offering  HKD 165 Million  Joint Global & Co-Lead Manager
Jul-09 Ba Wang Group  Global Offering  HKD 1.365 Billion  HK Bookrunner & Co-Manager
Jan-09 Strong Petro  Placing  HKD 250 Million  HK and International Placing Bookrunner  & Co-Manager
Jun-08 Little Sheep Group  Global Offering  HKD 780 Million  Co-Manager
Feb-08 Ko Yo Chemical Group  Placing (GEM) HKD 234 Million Sole Bookrunner 
May-08 XTEP International  Global Offering  HKD 2.228 Billion  HK Bookrunner 
Apr-08 Maoye International  Global Offering  HKD 2.675 Billion  Bookrunner 
Dec-07 BYD Electronic  Global Offering  HKD 5.9125 Billion  Co-Manager
Oct-07 Noah Education Holding   HKD 137.8 Million  US Offering ADS Manager


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